Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Douglas Primary School Week of November 21, 2016

Douglas Primary School

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Our Preschool classes joined together and had a feast of chicken soup and corn muffins!

Mrs. Forest's first grade class wrote about Thanksgiving and made special Thanksgiving bags!

Mrs. Blatchford's Kindergarten feast!

Mrs. King's Kindergarten feast!

Mrs. Lancaster's class studied about vibrations in Science so they made their own instruments!

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Mrs. Berthiaume's first grade class worked on a STEM project building huts and testing to see which hut could last the longest!

Preschool dance time!!

Mrs. Jane's Kindergarten had a feast Tuesday!!

The Snowflake drive is in full swing here at Douglas Primary School. You still have the opportunity to help a local family for the holidays. You can either return the form to request an item or you can send in a note with your child to request one as well. Wrapped gifts are due back to the Primary School by December 13th so they can be delivered to the families. Please be sure to attach the shape to the wrapped gift. Thank you for supporting the children of our school community.

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Dear Families,

The cold winter weather is upon us! Please send your child to school with a warm coat, gloves/mittens and a hat each day. The children will go out for recess weather permitting. Recess will be in the classroom if the temperature is below 28 degrees or if the wind chill is such. If the playground is wet or covered with snow, students will need snow pants and boots in order to play in the snow. If students do not wear snow pants or boots, they will remain on the pavement outside.
We appreciate your cooperation in these matters.
Thank you!

Principal, Cindy Socha